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11 January 2012

With EU guidelines changing at pace, it is essential that users of eSourcing facilities receive services that meet with the latest compliances.

Procurement specialist BiP Solutions is among the first eSenders in Europe to roll out the latest XML standards for the transmission of contract notices to the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU).

Key buying groups such as the UK Ministry of Defence, users of the Procure4London portal along with over 500 organisations using Delta eSourcing not only have access to EU-compliant forms, but also have the ability to include appropriate selection criteria when creating contract opportunities. This milestone means that BiP can pride itself on becoming one of the first eSenders in Europe to roll out the latest version of the new OJEU forms and comply with the new XML standards.

In addition to becoming fully compliant with the new European procurement legislation, BiP is also leading the industry in linking their various eSourcing solutions – including the Delta eSourcing service – to the UK Government’s Contracts Finder service. This offers buyers a single point of entry to create, manage and publish contracts of all values and then disseminate to other portals, ensuring cross-organisation compliance with the benefit of one central, searchable database of your organisation’s contracting activity.

BiP’s Customer Services Director Gillian Cameron said: “Procurement professionals can find it difficult to keep up-to-date with changing procurement regulations, both EU and UK. BiP’s range of eSourcing solutions, including Delta eSourcing, offers an integrated and fully compliant solution for the creation, completion and publication of eNotices and calls for competition of all values above and below the EU thresholds. This removes any uncertainty of using out of date formats, plus providing the user with a fully auditable, searchable database of opportunities.”
BiP’s Delta eSourcing tool continues to help organisations take the cost out of procurement while helping them to be transparent and meet disclosure obligations.

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